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Destination Paso Robles is a destination management and information company based in Paso Robles,California, which highlights local businesses and events while bringing groups of professionals or leisure travelers to the area for a short period of time.

Local businesses and venues are utilized for these excursions as well as the talents of local entrepreneurs to entertain and fulfill all the groups’ activities and needs. Keeping in mind the local events, all of the activities, such as airport transfers, hotel stays, wine tours, golf etc. are packaged, prearranged, and prepaid.

DPR shares a common interest with many organizations, businesses and individuals in Paso Robles in branding and promoting the area with everything it has to offer. We will all embrace the promoting of Paso Robles to the benefit of everyone.




"My daughter and I had a wonderful time in your town. Every arrangement, every detail was perfectly executed and played out! The staff at the Marriott was very accommodating, the staff and the amenities at the spa were wonderful.  We had dinner at the Paso Robles Inn and it was fabulous!  We did decide to take in a movie on Christmas day and saw Seven Pounds. It was a good movie. Jim, our tour guide for the Wine Wrangler was great and the couples on the bus were very fun too. We bought several bottles of wine and will be enjoying them in the coming months.

Thank you for you gift of chocolates.  That's always a winner. The next time I visit your town, I will definitely utilized your services again, and in fact, I'm planning on bringing my sister up there sometime this year to do a repeat!"
--- Guest from Southern California




"Destination Paso Robles has gone from concept to reality and it couldn't be more timely.  Everywhere you go the buzz is about Paso Robles and the surrounding area.  Folks visit to enjoy our great wines, diverse and exceptional restaurants, and all there is to see and experience.  Someone needed to put all of these opportunities into a package that provides the tourists and visitors the greatest opportunity to experience them all.  Destination Paso Robles does this and does it well!

I hope your stay or visit to our area is most enjoyable and thanks to Destination Paso Robles I'm sure you'll return again and again."

Mayor Frank Mecham

City of Paso Robles


"The business community welcomes Destination Paso Robles as a major player in the promotion/event planning for our City.  From great retail shopping to Hot Air Balloon Festivals, Destination Paso Robles will be a great partner in showing the World what a great place Paso Robles is to live and play."

Mike Gibson

President  / CEO

Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce


"Paso Robles is a piece of California paradise, a must experience place for vacationers, foodies, wine connoisseurs, beach lovers and business travelers. "

Heather Hellman
Regional Director
Topix, LLC


"... Paso Robles offers a myriad of activities for visitors to this vibrant community, from our welcoming downtown with shops and restaurants surrounding a beautiful picture perfect park, complete with bandstand, to Wine Tasting tours for adults, to water slides, lakes and park activities for families. Finding time for the visitor to effectively fit in this variety of activities offered is a daunting task and I believe "Destination Paso Robles" is a fantastic idea that couldn't have come at a better time."

Bob Chute

Owner / Pubsher

Paso Robles Magazine



 The New York Times article by Louise Tutelian
Sipping Through the Next Great Wine Region in California

"Paso Robles, with nearly 170 wineries, has become the newest prime destination for meandering wine tasters living out their “Sideways” fantasies."

Published December 14, 2007
By Louise Tutelian


The Next Great Wine Country

"Paso Robles used to be famous for cattle, not Cabernets, but these days it's the most unpretentious and enjoyable wine region in the West"

Published March 2007
by Peter Fish and Sara Schneider


Paso Robles: The Napa Valley of the past?

Published July 10, 2008
by Gil Kulers