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Hot Springs in Paso Robles

Paso Robles, or the “Pass of the Oaks”, is a community of 30,000 people in central California. While Paso Robles economic growth has continued steadily since 1993 it has kept its rural charm. With our rolling, golden hills and oaks trees, to the proximity of the beaches and lakes. Paso Robles is a great traveling location because it is diversity and closeness to other tourist attractions such as Hearst Castle. Paso Robles is also known for its wineries and hot springs.            

Because of the attraction to the wineries Paso Robles is gaining popularity, Paso Robles is gaining popularity. There are over 150 different wine tasting places to enjoy whether you’re a visitor or a local. And don’t forget to visit for Wine Festival weekend. Paso Robles holds the California Mid-State Fair every summer during the last week of July and the first week of August. With the rodeo, concerts, 4-H competitions, rides, and great food the California Mid-State Fair is a must when visiting for the summer. From Olive Festival to Pioneer Day, and Vine Street there is something for everyone any time of the year in Paso Robles.

Healing Waters

The mineral hot springs of Paso Robles have healing water. Hot springs are natural spring water with temperature above natural body temperature. The water coming from a hot spring is heated naturally by the heat from the Earth’s mantle. While the temperature of the water varies depending on which hot spring you chose, you are sure to find the perfect soothing soak you were looking for with Paso Robles many choices. Paso Robles was known to Native Americans and missionaries as the “Hot Springs”. Because of its healing powers the missions’ padres made annual journeys to bring their sick to be healed by the thermal waters of the Paso Robles Hot Springs. The first Paso Robles Hot Springs Hotel was built in 1864 beside the natural artesian hot springs well. Replaced in 1891, with an all-brick hotel, the new hotel become known as a health resort.

Hot springs not only function as a place to get away and relax, but also as therapeutic healing. With waters that contain potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium and many other minerals. These waters may help increase metabolism, help arthritis, increase circulation, sooth muscles, and much more.

2003 Earthquake opens original Hot Springs in Library Parking Lot

After the San Simeon Earthquake in 2003 the Annex building of the Paso Robles Inn was demolished due to damages. During the summer of 2005 the new Jesse James Building was completed. Containing 18 new rooms, with two suites featuring private balconies with Paso Robles Hot Springs spa tubes, the additions add to the grand feel of the hotel.