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Choosing a Paso Robles Wedding Cake Maker...

The cutting of the wedding cake is one of those wedding ceremony traditions wedding guests look forward to witnessing.  Whether you are a bride looking for a traditional wedding cake, a unique wedding cake, or just a simple wedding cake, we have solutions that fit your wedding budget.  When it comes to the wedding cake design and the wedding cake decorations, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Cupcakes, Wedding Cakes... All Shapes, Styles, Colors, and Sizes.

Wedding cakes come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.  There are cupcake wedding cakes, white wedding cakes, beach wedding cakes, butterfly wedding cakes, castle wedding cakes, and so many more unique wedding cakes to choose from.  Choosing Choosing the right wedding cake toppers and whether or not to have wedding cake flowers can be easily discussed with your wedding planner.

A Paso Robles Wedding Cake to Match Your Budget!

Because we are located in the world famous Paso Robles wine region, your wedding cake can be made from some of the best wedding cake pastry Chefs and wedding cake bakeries in our area.  If your wedding theme is seasonal, you may choose a fall wedding cake, a winter wedding cake, a spring wedding cake or a summer wedding cake theme.  If you are looking for a certain flavor of a cake, you can choose a chocolate wedding cake, a strawberry wedding cake, a vegan wedding cake, or any thing you can dream up.  You can choose buttercream icing, ganache, simple whipped cream or a Martha Stewart wedding cake favorite, fondant.

Your wedding cake could be a blue and white wedding cake with many wedding cake decorations or just a simple elegant wedding cake.  The choice is up to you and we know the area and the right people to get this accomplished. 

How the virtual wedding planner works ...

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#3 - Explore new wedding ideas to your left and continue to build your list of services and activities for your big day.  Our wedding planner will discuss all the wedding ideas with you.

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#5 - Submit your your wedding ideas by re-visiting the \"viewview proposed itinerary area above  and submit your list to our wedding planners.

Choose as many wedding accessories, wedding ideas, or services as you prefer, we will help you develop the perfect wedding plan as we discuss these wedding details with you.  All of your choices will be compiled on one page and the wedding planners at Destination Paso Robles will contact you within 48 hours after you submit your list.



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